Best Home Remedies for Urine Problems

In this section, we focus on the most common forms of urinary complications (peeing problems). It is intended for your information only – if you believe you might have some of the symptoms we describe, then you can try these home remedies to get rid of these problems.

Excess of urine

  1. After eating a ripe banana, drink gooseberry juice with added sugar, it stops frequent urination.
  2. Dry and grind pomegranate peels and make powder. Take about 5 grams of powder with some water, Urination stops in 2-4 days.
  3. Eating jaggery in the morning and evening also stops frequent urination.
  4. Even after eating the dried date in the morning, children stop urinating on the bed.

Less or blocked urine

  1. Take grind cumin seeds with honey, it solved the problem of blocked urine.
  2. Grind small cardamom and drink with milk, it also helps.
  3. Drinking about 50 grams of radish juice, is an effective remedy for blocked urine due to kidney failure.
  4. Grind gooseberry in water and apply the paste under the navel for blocked urine.

Urinary Irritation

  1. Mixed 50 ml Gooseberry juice with 25 grams of honey, drink it in the morning and evening, the burning sensation of urine will go.
  2. Drinking 50 ml of radish juice cures a burning sensation during urination.
  3. Soak about 20 grams of coriander leaves in the water at night and grind it in the morning, mix 20 grams of sugar candy in it, this drink cures the burning sensation of urine.
  4. By soaking the Psyllium husk (Isabgol) and mix with brown sugar and some water, drinking it helps to cure the burning sensation of urine.

Note: You should contact a healthcare professional as soon as possible if not finding any solution.

Top Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are solid masses made of crystals. Kidney stones are one of the most painful medical conditions. Kidney stones usually originate in your kidneys. However, they can develop anywhere along your urinary tract, which consists of these parts:

  • Kidneys
  • Ureters
  • Bladder
  • Urethra


  1. Boil 50 grams of radish seeds in half liter water. When the water remains half then filter it and drink it. After continuous use for a few days, stones get melted. Along with this, chew 2 radish leaves continuously for 2-3 months.
  2. Boil wheat and black chickpeas. Drink this soup daily, the stones get melted out. take it for two months.
  3. Drink 50 grams of cow urine daily in the morning and 3 grams of alum dissolved in the water in the evening. Take it for about 45 days. By doing this, stones get melted out.
  4. Boil about 50 grams of Kulthi seeds in 250 grams of water. When the water remains 100 grams, give this filtered lukewarm water to the patient. The patient becomes healthy in 1 month by drinking it in the morning empty stomach.

Best Ayurvedic Remedies to get rid of Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles (Hemorrhoids) are enlarged and swollen blood vessels located in the lower part of the rectum and the anus. The blood vessels become swollen due to increased pressure within them.


There are two types of piles.

  1. Bloody Piles
  2. Flatulent Piles


Constipation, excessive use of spicy and hot items, drinking of alcohol, excessive use of heavy food, not keeping the anus clean while exhaling and excessive copulation cause small moles at the rectum gates, which are extremely painful. Later, blood also comes from these moles and the pain becomes unbearable. These moles are called Piles.


When the food is not digested properly, the amount of acid in the intestines increases. Due to the acid produced in the rectum, warts swell, and when the warts rupture, blood starts coming from them. These are called bloody piles.

When the patient suffers from this disease, he is able to excrete with great difficulty. The patient remains constipated, hunger decreases and he becomes weak.

Ayurvedic medicine

  1. Remove mustard seed kernel and use it with 3 grams of freshwater.
  2. Take 25 grams Ritha on the heated pan and cover it with the bowl. When Ritha becomes ash, mix 20 grams of white catechu (kattha), 20 grams of Iron ash (Lohbasm). Take 1 gram each in the morning with 20 grams of butter. Bloody and Flatulent piles are cured by this remedy.
  3. Mix 30 grams of white Vaseline, 6 grams of camphor, 6 grams of boric acid, 3 grind tablets of sulfadiazine in Aslan. Apply on warts. It will benefit soon.
  4. Put the powder of Ashoka leaves in a glass of water at night. Sieve and drink in the morning. Piles will be completely cured.
  5. Mix 1 cup of radish juice in 6 grams of melted desi ghee, drink it in the morning and evening for 2 months to cure piles.


Avoid sour items, oil, jaggery, eggs, meat, hot spices, alcohol, red chili, and fried things.

Effective Remedies for Asthma

This disease causes inflammation in the trachea and pathology in the lungs. This disease is parental. Earlier, this disease happens to the parents of the patient, due to which the patient is inherited by his parents.


The patient has difficulty in breathing and coughs due to breathing in the trachea. This disease is less in the beginning and after frequent coughing, the mouth of the patient becomes red. Many patients may have an asthma attack more on rainy days. This disease is more in women than in men.


1. The patient should abstain from tobacco and oil products. The patient should not do any heavy work.


1. 50 grams Cinnamon, 1 kg white musli, 50 grams radish, 50 grams banslochan, 50 grams large cardamom. Make a stew of everything. Boil them in 5 liters of water till remains 500 grams. Sieve with a cloth later. Give it to the patient with 1 teaspoon of honey in the morning, afternoon and evening. This disease is cured by giving it for one month.

2. Mix amount of wine, dessi ghee equivalent to an egg and a spoon of sugar. Give this mixture with a small amount of milk is beneficial for the patient. This should be given only one time. After some time, boil half a kilo flaxseed in 3 liters of water, add half a kilogram of sugar to it. When the water remains 250 ml, filter it with a clean cloth. Give it to the patient for one month. By this, the breathing of the trachea is removed and breathing starts properly. This disease is cured by using it for 5-7 months.

Effective treatment for Vagina related diseases

Vaginal diseases can be the reason for uncomfortable symptoms like itching, burning, pain, and vaginitis (inflammation).

Vaginal Inflammation

Injury at birth, excessive coitus, winter cold, frequent delivery, or miscarriage, this disease is caused by redness, swelling, heat, pain, pus, urinary discomfort in the vagina. Symptoms are coming.

Vaginal Discharge

Due to the weakening of internal vaginal mucosa, the vagina leaves its place. In this, some part of the vagina comes out, which results in vaginal discharge and pain. Sometimes a lot of vagina comes out.


Excess of sexual intercourse, thickening of the ligament, intoxicated vaginas, shortening of the vagina, excess leucorrhoea, frequent childbirth, etc. are many reasons that cause this disease. In more vulnerable women, they come out to the anus and bladder.


Internal organs are visible on looking inside the vagina. Pain in stool or urine, thigh, calf muscle, waist, and muscles.
It hurts when the uterus and vagina come out, when touching with the finger, it seems harder.


In this disease, it is necessary to give complete rest to the patient. Slowly bring the excreted limb to its place and be treated by douching 10 grams of alum with 500 ml of water.

Blennenteria or Leucorrhoea or Excess Vaginal Discharge

Leucorrhoea is a disease in which a type of secretion comes from the membranes of the uterus or from the inside of the uterus and the mouth of the uterus. This secretion is mostly white in color and is called white leucorrhoea. Sometimes a yellowish-white liquid comes out of the vagina, causing itching in the secretariat, heaviness in the pelvis, blood pressure, frequent pimples, etc.


Short-term miscarriage, leucorrhoea or shortness, vaginal inflammation, etc.


  • Take two spoons of Patrangasava with water before meals twice in a day.
  • Then 30 minutes later, take a pinch of Loha Bhasma with a spoon of honey twice in a day.


Fried things, sour items, chili, and jaggery should be avoided.

Note: This therapy should be done for 1 to 3 months.

Women Venereal Disease

Women have a very complicated body structure. A woman’s sex organs are both inside and outside of the body. Inside the body are the womb (uterus), the cervix, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries. The outside area of the skin is the vulva. Other sexual areas include the breasts and nipples, and other sensitive areas of your body that respond to touch.


Due to many diseases of the uterus, women do not have the capacity to produce a child. This is called sterility.


Uterine loss, puffiness or shortening, uterus moving away from its place, white water, curvature, vaginal shrinkage, gonorrhea, excessive consumption of intoxicants, heat, cancer of the uterus, inflammation in the ovarian system, menstruation, hardening of the uterus or uterine fat, blood loss, lack of spermatids in men or their lack of strength, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to know the cause of the disease by taking treatment.
If the woman does not have any disease, then the man should consult a doctor. Man must not have sex for a week, on the eighth day, when the man is having sex, collect the semen in a clean vial and test it with a laboratory within two hours. If there are no spermatozoa in the semen, then that cannot produce a child.


  • Firstly, the woman’s genitals should be properly examined so that the defect can be known and prevented.
  • Do not make haste in sexual intercourse. After intercourse, the woman should lay down for one or two hours, so that sperm could enter the uterus. At the time of sexual intercourse keep the following place high so that the semen does not come out.

1. Frequent Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, drink an equal quantity of Peepal root, Nagakeshar, and Garbhapala juice and take it in the morning with a spoon of milk for 15 days.

2. Temporary Impotence

Mix the sugar powder with the Semal root powder. Take a spoon of this mixture with milk and native egg, it will increase the semen like a sea. Eat for one month, any temporary impotence will be able to have sex.

Note: Do not eat sour items, red chili, oily and spicy food.