Some key facts about Human Heart

A healthy heart also plays a role in good human health. Many small things can create problems for our heart. People just need to know about their heart problems and treat their heart with many home remedies which can prevent people from diseases like a heart attack.

  • The heart is an important part of the human body, due to which life is possible. As long as the heart remains active, life is possible, as soon as the heart becomes inactive, life also turns off automatically. The functioning of the heart is the reason when it comes to jam, laughing, doing work, as soon as the heart stops beating, the functioning of the body will also vanish.
  • The shape of the heart is the same as a human fist. Its position in the body lies in the thorax. It is wrapped in a kind of membrane cover and a special type of streak is lying on it. The membrane that is wrapped in it, is called Pericardium. The place where the heart is located in the chest is called Mediastinum.
  • The heart is divided into four parts which are addressed as “Chambers“. Two chambers are located upwards and two below. The above ones are called Atrium which is named by the scientists’ Auricle. The lower chambers are called Ventricle.
  • There are openings in all four sacs of the heart and valves are attached to these pores.
  • The heart keeps on stretching and shrinking throughout its life, this is in fixed and regular proportions. Beating or shrinking of the heart is life and cessation of beating means death. There are special reed beds inside the heart.
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