About Dessi Nuskhe

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own and what Dessi Nuskhe believes. The quality of our mind is determined by the level of our health. To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. In today’s world, people are suffering from various diseases which they are curing by doctor prescription or by natural ways i.e home remedies. Dessi Nuskhe’s website is for those who fade up from too much medication or love natural ways to cure diseases.

In Dessi Nuskhe we are providing many home remedies, for these you don’t need anyone’s help to apply. You can discover about minor to serious diseases and also you can find a way to cure them. We want to encourage people to use things in the right way which you are using at home in your normal routine. Every human being is the author of his own health or disease and there is no shame in taking medication for an illness, do whatever works for you. So, keep in touch with us for new updates and you can also share your home remedy with us so that we can help more and more people, as it is our aim to see everyone happy and healthy.