Effective Remedies for Asthma

This disease causes inflammation in the trachea and pathology in the lungs. This disease is parental. Earlier, this disease happens to the parents of the patient, due to which the patient is inherited by his parents.


The patient has difficulty in breathing and coughs due to breathing in the trachea. This disease is less in the beginning and after frequent coughing, the mouth of the patient becomes red. Many patients may have an asthma attack more on rainy days. This disease is more in women than in men.


1. The patient should abstain from tobacco and oil products. The patient should not do any heavy work.


1. 50 grams Cinnamon, 1 kg white musli, 50 grams radish, 50 grams banslochan, 50 grams large cardamom. Make a stew of everything. Boil them in 5 liters of water till remains 500 grams. Sieve with a cloth later. Give it to the patient with 1 teaspoon of honey in the morning, afternoon and evening. This disease is cured by giving it for one month.

2. Mix amount of wine, dessi ghee equivalent to an egg and a spoon of sugar. Give this mixture with a small amount of milk is beneficial for the patient. This should be given only one time. After some time, boil half a kilo flaxseed in 3 liters of water, add half a kilogram of sugar to it. When the water remains 250 ml, filter it with a clean cloth. Give it to the patient for one month. By this, the breathing of the trachea is removed and breathing starts properly. This disease is cured by using it for 5-7 months.

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