Top Benefits of Gooseberries

Amla (Gooseberry) is a natural ingredient which has its own benefits. People can use Amla in many ways and for any purposes. With Amla, we can make juice, dry powder and can eat as it is. Here are a few benefits of Amla:

Beauty salon

Amla powder makes the skin clean, smooth and soft and prevents from various skin diseases.


Mix two spoons of gooseberry juice, mix two teaspoons of honey, it stops the production of metal in the urine. It also removes body fatigue.


Mix fresh honey in the juice of fresh amla and drink it helps to cure diabetes.

Vomiting in pregnancy

If a woman has a complaint of excessive vomiting in pregnancy, then she should eat two cups of marmalade daily. This makes a profit very quickly.

High Blood Pressure

Amla is a blood-resect. Eating marmalade a day can be useful in some days.


Drinking for four days in the morning and evening is beneficial. Dizziness, whose eyes are dark, it is particularly beneficial for them.

Hair fall

It strengthens the hair’s roots and increases the natural beauty of the hair.


By grinding Mehandi and dried amla, hairs are blackened by grinding them in water.

Worm in tooth

If there is severe pain in the tooth due to a worm, then add a little camphor in the juice of gooseberry and apply it on the teeth. The pain will be overcome in a few seconds.


Mixing a spoon of amla and honey, have it twice a day cures the cough.


By taking one spoon of amla water in the night, the toilets come clean in the morning and there is no constipation.


Eat Amla’s Marmalade This removes the disease of hemorrhoids.

The following measures can also be taken to stop the hemorrhage immediately:

  1. Spray the juice of gooseberry in the nose.
  2. Strain the juice of amla on both hands.
  3. Grind the herbs and apply it on the head.
  4. Soak the amla in water and put that water on the head.

Heat protection

By drinking Amla’s syrup, thirst is removed and heat is preserved from diseases.

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