Best 14 Yoga Poses For Your Health

All of you should know the importance of yoga and make it a part of your life. Yoga pranayama concentrates on increasing the blood circulation of the body so that all the body parts are healthy. Regarding the importance of yoga ahead and some important postures. All these postures are so simple and easy that they are done while talking while watching TV and their benefits are perfect!

1. Mandook Asana

To do this easy, a thunderbolt is easy (in the force of the knee). Leaving breath out and bending towards the front! This asana is beneficial for diseases such as sugar and constipation!


2. Vakarasan

In this posture, the right knee bend with the left hand folded to the right foot! This process is repeated from the other side too! This posture brings flexibility to the shoulder and body!

3. Gomukh Asana

Place your left foot heel under the right hip and keep the right foot on the ground while carrying it on the left foot. After this, take your right hand from the ear and hold the other hand behind the back, doing this posture increases the flexibility of the body. It is also beneficial for stomach and diabetes!

4. Makkar Asana

In this posture, lie down on the stomach and straighten it by modifying one leg, this asana gives relief soon from the back pain!


5. Bhujang Asana

To do this asana, lying on the stomach with the force of both hands, it raises to the navel; It stays late and comes back to the same condition. It is beneficial for diseases such as the spinal cord, back pain!

6. Shalabh Asana

To do this posture, lie on the belly and put both hands on the back and lift both feet from the back and come back after staying in the same condition for a while, this seat is the stomach, constipation, and obesity.

7. Markat Asana

In this easy-to-reach, the two hands are straight on both sides, keeping both feet above each other, folding the knees and keeping their right and keeping the head in its opposite direction! By doing this asana, the body’s flexibility increases, pain, and obesity are hand-operated.

8. Hala Asana

In this easy-to-take it takes a back, one-by-one feet are raised half. By doing this asana, the stomach decreases quickly, this posture also eliminates many other problems.

9. Pawan Mukta Asana

Laying on the back, turning one side to the stomach, turning it into the stomach. This process also works from the other feet. By doing this asana, constipation is removed and it is beneficial for all stomach disorders!

10. Paadvrit Asana

For this posture, a leg is rotated by lying on the back and rotates with another leg like this!

11. Chakkar Asana

This seat is very beneficial to reduce the stomach, it is run like a bicycle by placing the back on the backside.


12. Shav Asana

Lying downright whole body is left loose; It is felt healthy, healthy, powerful, doing this posture removes brain tension and the body is filled with energy and freshness!

13. Kapalbhati Pranayama

The Kapalbhati pranayama of breathing in and out prevents you from the stomach, dehydration, and so-called internal diseases. Those who want to lose weight should do pranayama every day. Let’s read about its benefits and the method of doing it.

14. Anloom Vileom Pranayama

In turn, the one with a nasal cavity, in turn, is an effective force to keep the brain and body clean and healthy. The internal part of the body is healthy with the inverse incarnation of pranayama and doing this pranayama also eliminates extra anxiety.


Yoga Benefits

When talking about the benefits of Yoga, it can be countless and invaluable. Some of these benefits are given below-

  1. A yoga practice develops the ability of the lungs, so for people who are battling asthma and lung diseases, Pranayama is a medication.
  2. High blood pressure and low blood pressure remove the problem.
  3. By strengthening the inner strength of the body, strengthen the digestive system.
  4. Refreshes and activates the body parts.
  5. Protects against heart diseases.
  6. Blood purifier also works and also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.
  7. Yoga brings good sleep to you
  8. Blood circulation improves.
  9. Relieve all external anxieties.
  10. Helpful in focus.
  11. Increase digestion.
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