How to get rid of Constipation

How truthful it is to keep the system healthy is the basis and religious duty. Because health is the foundation of all social avenues. If we are not healthy then there is no benefit. Here, we are telling about the home remedies anybody can do by itself.

1. Lemon
Taking lemon juice with water in the night, diarrhea opens up, drinking lemon juice and sugar every 12 grams in a glass of water, remove old constipation in a few days after drinking it.

2. Fennel
At the time of fennel, take half a teaspoon of fennel from hot water to remove constipation.
Add coriander, black salt, black pepper and make chutney and lick it. As it is very beneficial in constipation.
Adding cinnamon, powder of dry ginger, cardamom, a little fennel, there is benefit from eating.

3. Vine
Drinks the fresh vine pulp syrup made in water is very beneficial for constipation. It pulls out all the stools of the intestines.

4. Tomatoes
Tomato works as a sure-fire drug for the removal of constipation. The stomach – helps in extracting stools stored in the intestines and giving vitality to the organs. Inspires internal disadvantages of the body.

5. Gooseberry
At night, taking one spoon of amla powder with water or milk; Diarrhea, constipation is not there the intestines and stomach are clean.

6. Radish
Eat salt, black pepper on the radish and eat it for two consecutive months while eating. Constipation will be removed from this.

7. Papaya
Eating cooked papaya in constipation is beneficial.

8. Hug
Soak 2 hugs in the water in the morning. Chew them at night and Reduce food. you can also take it by boiling in the milk at night. Constipation is removed from it.

9. Onion
Constipation is cured by eating a raw onion with a daily meal.

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