Kindness is good for the skin – Dr. David Hamilton

Kindness is good for your skin in fact it actually slows the aging of the skin. If you leave an apple on the table for a couple of weeks, it eventually wrinkles and wrinkling are caused by something called oxidation. Wrinkling of our skin is pretty much the same process, also called oxidation that’s why face creams have things called antioxidants in them because it slows down the aging process.

But kindness generally is a very powerful antioxidant in the body and studies recently on aging of skin found that if that antioxidant is present in the skin in high levels then the aging of the skin dramatically slows down and the antioxidants called oxytocin you can’t get it in your diet, you cannot eat or drink it, so the only way to get into your skin is through your behavior and how do you think, you got a lead from the heart, you be kind is your compassion, you show empathy, affection, anything that you say, heart-centered all of these things which produce the antioxidant called oxytocin in the skin and combat the aging process of your skin.

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