Quantum Field Healing – Dr. David Hamilton

If you look inside any part of your body with a microscope, let’s say your hand, you find cells, you get your DNA and the center of the cell. You look inside the DNA you find atoms, in them you can see protons, neutrons, and electrons. And what’s a most amazing part is that inside an atom there is 99.99% empty space. If a proton was equal to the size of an apple, the closest electron would be the size of a grain of salt. And it would be approximately 2km away and that’s how much space you would get – πr2, particles themselves actually emerge essentially out of what’s called the Quantum Field. You can think of particles as just waves of energy or vibrations of energy which shifts your mind from thinking that something is seemingly solid and permanent, something can change and heal.

At that level of realization,  you know that’s a shift in consciousness as well because you suddenly feeling expanded. At that state of visualization, higher brainwave can’t reduce the command to heal. You’re picturing the disease as quantum waves of energy and you command the change in these waves to get rid of the disease. After that, you introduce new quantum waves of perfect health or fully recovered and that’s the crux of the visualization.

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