The Science Of Belief – Dr. David Hamilton

Dr. David Hamilton is the author of many great books and most of his books are regarding Healing. During his time as an organic chemist he became interested in mind aspect, however, that part of his journey already started when he was 11 and his mom was suffering from depression. When he was in high school, he found this book “Magic Powder of your Mind” and felt that could help his mom. He came to know that this book gave her mom a force faith and hope that was determined the positive attitude that she could navigate a way through the difficult times of her life through depression.

David’s moment of enlightenment or we can say that spiritual experience was at high when he came across the seminar lead by Tony Robbins where he used particular techniques to raise people’s emotion to help them get clarity of their mind. He found himself doing the same what Tony Robbins was doing but bringing in his own science and spirituality. He was so impressed by Tony, next day he resigned from his job and started helping people but this time in a spiritual way, not through medication. At that time, he already had the understanding of how our thinking is influencing the body and this is the time when his magical journey was started.

Being a Biochemist, he didn’t disregard the concept of drugs and medicine to heal people but he do tell them to use your mind as well so if you can cultivate an attitude that I can get through this, you will definitely get better or even start using visualization techniques where you can imagine the internal condition of the body and convert that picture from disease to healthy body with the help of your mind. He taught people how to use their mind as a powerful tool to speed up the healing process without any medication at all.

Check out this interview of Dr. David Hamilton, where he talked about his various techniques to heal people through the power of mind and belief.

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