Top Ten Tips For Work Life Balance

Top Ten Tips For Work Life Balance [2022]

Here are the Top Ten Tips For Work-Life Balance:-

  1. Set SMART Goals: Plan and Prioritize your goals [S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely].
  2. Plan a Structure: Work-life balance is all about Flexibility which can be achieved by a Structure in place as it brings certainty (You know what’s going to happen and why). It also includes TOOLS / RESOURCES to have flexibility. This includes you being able to work from a variety of places at different times of the day effectively. For this, you would need mobile phones, laptops, remote access, and flexible hours are important.
  3. Practice Good Time Management: It means to do the right things in the right way at the right time. For this, you need to focus on your priorities and focus on those tasks that advance important goals; those goals that will bring in high payoff results. Activities that involve too much time should be simplified, delegated or eliminated. Good time management means focusing on results. It’s important to aim for excellence but not necessarily for perfection. Cause when you aim for excellence you might get excellent results but when you aim for perfection you might never quite get there.
  4. Undertake Training in Techniques Required: There are many books available on effective time management, goal setting, prioritizing activity, increasing effectiveness, negotiation, relaxation, and stress management. Also, there are providers of these training.
  5. Take Holidays and Long Weekends: If you have got a good Structure in place and a good support system you can find time off.
  6. Reward Yourself: They are important because they are something extra that you have been working towards. So, after you have set your goals and achieved them take the reward. You can choose to reward yourself be it at work or home. By doing this everything will become more enjoyable. Take the small and big rewards. You deserve it.
  7. Stay Healthy: It’s important to eat well, sleep well and exercise. You need a good office desk, good chair, good lighting, no fall over cables and at home it is just as valid. At home, a good bed is also important as one spends most of the time there. Medical checkups are important. When working hard any of the therapies and checkups are cost-effective.
  8. Be Passionate and Enthusiastic: Mix with positive people and don’t accept negativity either privately or professionally. See the Opportunity and not the obstacle. Always try to see the positive situation of anything. Look harder look longer and look at it differently. Two techniques to attain these are 1. Positive self-talk and 2. Visualization. Positive Self-Talking Instead of telling yourself “you can’t do something”, tell yourself “you can do it” Say these “I am a great person; I am valuable, I am good at what I do, I am excited about my work, my goals, and my life”. Visualization includes: Determining your end goal (seeing, touching, feeling, and experiencing the emotion of the goal). In this way, you feel that you have already achieved your goal as you are already experiencing it.
  9. Love Your Job: Career development is a journey and every journey is more enjoyable if you enjoy every step, enjoy the tasks, the people, the environment, and the opportunities. You can also undergo professional training courses and this will help you enhance knowledge and understanding and this in return will increase your control and lastly you achieve a better balance. It’s very important to enjoy what you do or change what you do.
  10. Love Your Life: Enjoy your journey. Take control of your life. Be true to yourself and never accept less than you want. Enrich yourself socially, culturally, intellectually, constantly focus on your personal development achieve your goals and enjoy the journey.
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