Effective treatment for Vagina related diseases

Vaginal diseases can be the reason for uncomfortable symptoms like itching, burning, pain, and vaginitis (inflammation).

Vaginal Inflammation

Injury at birth, excessive coitus, winter cold, frequent delivery, or miscarriage, this disease is caused by redness, swelling, heat, pain, pus, urinary discomfort in the vagina. Symptoms are coming.

Vaginal Discharge

Due to the weakening of internal vaginal mucosa, the vagina leaves its place. In this, some part of the vagina comes out, which results in vaginal discharge and pain. Sometimes a lot of vagina comes out.


Excess of sexual intercourse, thickening of the ligament, intoxicated vaginas, shortening of the vagina, excess leucorrhoea, frequent childbirth, etc. are many reasons that cause this disease. In more vulnerable women, they come out to the anus and bladder.


Internal organs are visible on looking inside the vagina. Pain in stool or urine, thigh, calf muscle, waist, and muscles.
It hurts when the uterus and vagina come out, when touching with the finger, it seems harder.


In this disease, it is necessary to give complete rest to the patient. Slowly bring the excreted limb to its place and be treated by douching 10 grams of alum with 500 ml of water.

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