Women Venereal Disease

Women have a very complicated body structure. A woman’s sex organs are both inside and outside of the body. Inside the body are the womb (uterus), the cervix, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries. The outside area of the skin is the vulva. Other sexual areas include the breasts and nipples, and other sensitive areas of your body that respond to touch.


Due to many diseases of the uterus, women do not have the capacity to produce a child. This is called sterility.


Uterine loss, puffiness or shortening, uterus moving away from its place, white water, curvature, vaginal shrinkage, gonorrhea, excessive consumption of intoxicants, heat, cancer of the uterus, inflammation in the ovarian system, menstruation, hardening of the uterus or uterine fat, blood loss, lack of spermatids in men or their lack of strength, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to know the cause of the disease by taking treatment.
If the woman does not have any disease, then the man should consult a doctor. Man must not have sex for a week, on the eighth day, when the man is having sex, collect the semen in a clean vial and test it with a laboratory within two hours. If there are no spermatozoa in the semen, then that cannot produce a child.


  • Firstly, the woman’s genitals should be properly examined so that the defect can be known and prevented.
  • Do not make haste in sexual intercourse. After intercourse, the woman should lay down for one or two hours, so that sperm could enter the uterus. At the time of sexual intercourse keep the following place high so that the semen does not come out.

1. Frequent Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, drink an equal quantity of Peepal root, Nagakeshar, and Garbhapala juice and take it in the morning with a spoon of milk for 15 days.

2. Temporary Impotence

Mix the sugar powder with the Semal root powder. Take a spoon of this mixture with milk and native egg, it will increase the semen like a sea. Eat for one month, any temporary impotence will be able to have sex.

Note: Do not eat sour items, red chili, oily and spicy food.

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